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In vivo / in situ Confocal Imaging Microscopy (IV-CIM)

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In vivo / in situ Confocal Imaging Microscopy (IV-CIM)
Biomedical Materials

IV-CIM is a novel technology that enables cellular and subcellular images of any tissue to be determined by direct contact in 3D in vitro constructs or in vivo. Optical slicing can be conducted at multiple time points for high throughput monitoring.

Excitation Wavelengths

Simultaneous 488 nm and 660 nm

Collection Bandwidths

First Line 502 – 633 nm

Second Line 673 – 800 nm


Between 3.3 and 1.4 ┬Ám

Real-time Video Recording

Frame rate 9-18 fps Advanced mode: 40 fps


Image: png, bmp, jpeg, tiff, mhd

Video: avi, mpeg, mp4, swf

Operating System

Linux Ubuntu

Laser Class


Dimensions and Weight

Height: 310 mm Width: 480 mm Depth: 525 mm

Weight: 35 kg


Cellvizio Lab Software 2.1.0


This has multiple applications of relevance across neuroscience, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, stem cell, alimentary and epithelial / stromal research. It is possible to dynamically monitor physiological and pathophysiological parameters by delivering light through the use of confocal probes directly to the tissue of interest. The technology enables characterisation of the inflammatory response and to determine the immunological basis for implanted biomaterials within a given tissue on a live and repeated basis.

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