Scanning Electro-chemical Microscope (SECM) with in-situ analysis

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Scanning Electro-Chemical Microscope (SECM) with In-Situ Analysis
2D Materials

The scanning electrochemical cell microscope (SECM) workstation gives electrochemical information from specific locations on a sample, with nanometre resolution.

  • ic-SECM470 intermittent contact system
  • U-470B positioner
  • bi-potentiostat/FRA U-3300
  • ic-SECM module
  • shallow μTriCell
  • 1-off 15 μm, 1-off 10 μm probe
  • MIRA software for Scanning Probe data analysis


This technique allows for investigation of the electrochemical properties of various materials. For example, we can see what regions on an energy storage device are performing well, and where the device might be failing.

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