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Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
Atoms to Devices

The JEOL JEN-2100F TEM is routinely used for characterising microstructure at interfaces in ceramics, morphology and distribution of nanosize particles, lattice imaging and chemical analysis. Good control of the probe size and convergence angle for EDS, convergent beam diffraction and nano-beam diffraction, as well as the usual TEM facilities, make this a high-quality analytical facility for studying a wide range of structures.

Acceleration Voltage: 80kV, 200kV

Information limit: 1.4 Å or better, 1.9Å (80kV)

Energy resolution: 0.92eV@110µA

STEM resolution: 1.6 Å

2.7 Å (80kV)

A probe size: < 2.0 Å


Specimen stages

Single tilt holder

Double tilt low background holder

In-situ cooling/straining holder


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