FEI HELIOS 660i Nanolab FIB with Oxford EBSD & EDSsystem

Focused Ion Beam

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The FEI HELIOS 660i Nanolab FIB with Oxford EBSD & EDSsystem is a high-resolution Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system equipped with extreme high-resolution (XHR) Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE SEM). It also has a large area high-efficiency EDS detector for local elemental chemistry. High-speed, high-precision EBSD detector for sample crystallographic analysis in one system.

Ion beam

Field emission focused ion beam optics with liquid Gallium ion emitter.

Voltage: 0.5 kV to 30 kV

Beam current: 0.1pA – 65nA

Resolution: 4.0 nm at 30 kV

Electron optics

Dual-mode magnetic immersion / field free lens electron optics with ultra-high brightness

Source: Schottky field emitter

Landing energies: 20 V to 30 kV

Beam current: 0.8 pA – 100 nA

Resolution: 0.6 nm at 15 kV


Up to 6144×4096 pixels


Resolution: 64k x 64k

Pattern size: 8M pixels

Variable dwell time pattern to give 3D milling

Complex milling patterns through Bitmap import


This is a unique and versatile characterisation tool. It allows for the precise characterisation of nanometer details and analysis in 2D and 3D, very high quality sample preparation and flexible nanoprototyping.

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